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14"x22" Beach Box Bundle (POP Poster Board)

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Do you have a retail store?
Can you spare a 14"x22" space on a wall?
If so, consider adding our "Beach Box Bundle (POP Poster Board)" in your shop.

It's a 24/7/365 revenue generator.
We're shipping these rocks worldwide - your customers will love them!



Simply order the Beach Box Bundle (POP Poster Board) and we'll create your...

  • Reseller Tracking Account 
  • Personal QR code (locks shoppers into your account)
  • Personal POP Poster Board 

Your POP Poster Board will have your own QR code printed on it, allowing customers to simply scan and instantly order (or wait and order from the comfort of their home). 

Once a customer scans the QR code, they are instantly attached to your account. At that point, 'anything’ they order from the website is tracked and tallied for your monthly payout.

When your shopper scans the code with their cell, they're taken to our 'Beach Box Bundle' product for ordering.   They will receive the bundle of their choice and it will look identical to what's on your counter (minus all the box lid printing - and with 'their' photos on the rocks, of course).

All of your customer's orders will be tracked within a very powerful app called Dovetale.  Once a month, it allows us to simply click a button and send your funds (via Paypal).  All the tracking of sales, analytics and support finances are tracked within, and on, the Dovetale app and servers.  On any purchase made after scanning your QR code,  an instant commission will be added to your account. 

You will be able to login 24/7 and see what's owed you!

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People LOVE them!  Each of our rocks are hand-picked from... you guessed it... the beach.  We ship these all over the world, each and every day.  They make the perfect keepsake or gift.  Our rocks are also quite often purchased for memorial stones that can be cherished forever.

• Each 'stand-alone' beach rock varies in size but are approximately 2" to 4.5"

• Each necklace or keychain beach rock are much flatter and vary in size from 1" to 1.5"

• We imprint directly onto each rock at 1200 dpi

• We imprint with commercial ultra violet ink that is outdoor compatible (lasts for many years)

• All our natural beach rocks are outdoor compatible

• Our stand-alone rocks are hand picked from the shores of Mexico

• Our Necklace/Keychain/Bracelet rocks are hand picked from the shores of  the Washington Olympic Peninsula

Thank you for considering us!