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Rock a Rescue!


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EVERYTHING in this ROCKSTARter kit is free and meant to support your event and/or shelter effort 100%

However you wish to utilize the free gift card is up to you.  You can use it for a raffle or auction winner or give it away as a door prize.  However you use it, 100% of any funds generated from it, belongs to your shelter.

We created this kit to streamline the process on getting you the materials you will need for us to be a part of your event.  It helps us greatly, as well!   We do appreciate the opportunity it affords both of our causes, so again..., thank you for allowing us to be a part of your event.

By completing all the appropriate fields, we will be able to place your event materials into our production schedule and be certain you get everything you need, 'on time'.

We will customize each of the materials that come in the kit.  The QR code on the poster is going to include your tracking ID in the url so anyone who scans it will be supporting your shelter all year with 'any' order they make! We highly encourage you to get the poster up on the wall now, so you benefit from the sales that will be made throughout the holiday season.


  • Gift card/sheet (in sealed envelope)
  • Lobby Poster
  • Our high-res logo
  • Customizable ad/posts (4)
  • We will customize any of these items for your shelter/event then output them from our Giclée printer and ship to your door.
  • Shelter tracking link setup to use year round

Thank you for taking the time to complete this free order :)