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Your Personalized Pet Photo Imprinted at 1200 dpi onto a Natural Stone

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When ordering this natural beach rock imprinted with your pet photo, you're sending much needed funds to an animal rescue effort.

If you clicked in from a rescue shelter website, post, or QR code, a percentage of your order is going to that particular shelter.  If you clicked from a poster, sign or website from a veterinarian, a percentage of your order will support the ASPCA (unless your Vet has requested a local recuse shelter in your area).  Any item you purchase on will support a local shelter or the national ASPCA from this point forward.

"Thank you" for supporting
                     an animal rescue shelter. 


After you order...

We will take our time and pick out the best rock for your pet photo.  We'll print your pet photo onto the perfect stone.

The stones we use are millions of years old and are made right here in the USA :D They've been hanging around, refining into the shape that perfectly fits your photo for their entire existence. In fact, they've been eroded by water, crushed by tectonic plates, trampled by dinosaurs, used for archaic walls and tools and ultimately hand selected by modern man (us) for ornamental products and keepsakes. Just wow! We feel very privileged and humbled to provide these remarkable stones to our customers, for such an amazing cause. 

More about this personalized pet photo rock:
Our pet photo rocks make perfect keepsakes or gifts for any family or friend. We will select the best rock for the photo you send as you can see from the reviews. Our rocks are also quite often purchased for memorial stones that capture your beloved pet permanently on a rock that can be cherished forever.

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• We imprint directly onto the rock

• Infused with commercial ultra violet ink (lasts for many years)

Any photo taken from your smart phone should work perfectly but please do not crop the photo. Rocks are irregular in shape with rounded edges. A cropped photo creates problems for our layout artists. So please do not crop. All that said, if your photo is already cropped, we can probably make it work. is a proud Business Ambassador for the ASPCA