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Beach Box Bundle

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"Thank you" for supporting
                       an animal rescue shelter.

When ordering this Beach Box Bundle, you're sending much needed funds to an animal rescue effort.

If you clicked in from an 'Influencer's' Facebook or Instagram post, a percentage of your sale is going to the rescue shelter that was stated in the post.  In fact, any item you purchase on will support that shelter from this point forward.  Again, thank you for your support and please tag a 'thank you' to the original Facebook or Instagram account owner as well as the shelter you're supporting.

If you clicked in from a rescue shelter website, post, or QR code, a percentage of your order is going to that particular shelter  Any item you purchase on will support that shelter from this point forward. 


Choose from these bundle configurations:

• Rock, Rock, Necklace
• Rock, Rock, Keychain
• Rock, Keychain, Necklace
• Rock, Rock, Rock 

Upload your photo(s)

You can upload one photo and request it to be put on all three items or two photos and duplicate one on a couple items or upload a separate photo for each item.

Tell us which item to print your photo(s) on

For instance, you might say:

• Put brown dog on stand-alone rock
• Put cat on stand-alone rock
• Put brown dog sitting on grass on the necklace

You're simply telling us which item you want each photo printed on. You can even upload one photo and tell us to put it on all three items in your bundle.

Choose up to four charms
We connect two charms to each necklace and keychain.

That's it!  Simply checkout and your bundle will be shipped out within two business days!



The stones in this bundle are... you guessed it, beach rocks. :D They're several million years old and are naturally smoothed by the tide waters of our oceans. After washing up to the beach, each rock is hand picked right from the beach itself. They've been hanging around, refining into the shape that perfectly fits your photo for their entire existence. In fact, they've been eroded by water, crushed by tectonic plates, trampled by dinosaurs, used for archaic walls and tools and ultimately hand selected by modern man (us) for ornamental products and keepsakes. Just wow! We feel very privileged and humbled to provide these remarkable stones for such a wonderful cause. We hope our rocks bring much warmth and joy to you for many years to come.

• Each 'stand-alone' beach rock varies in size but are approximately 2" to 4.5"

• Each necklace or keychain beach rock are much flatter and vary in size from 1" to 1.5"

• We imprint directly onto each rock at 1200 dpi

• We imprint with commercial ultra violet ink that is outdoor compatible (lasts for many years)

• All our natural beach rocks are outdoor compatible

• Our stand-alone rocks are hand picked from the shores of Mexico

• Our Necklace/Keychain/Bracelet rocks are hand picked from the shores of  the Washington Olympic Peninsula


Please send us the highest quality photo file you can and please do not crop the photo if at all possible. Rocks are irregular in shape with rounded edges. A cropped photo creates a problem as critical elements can warp over the edge of the stone if it's been cropped. So please do not crop. All that said, if your photo is already cropped we can probably make it work.

Thank you!! :)