Shelters - Learn More!

This is a super simple program with a simple product!

How this works

If you are a shelter, you simply post a link on your website or newsletter or you can make periodic Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter posts and include your shelter tracking link in the post. That's it!

If you choose to start, you will receive a commission/donation whenever one of your supporter/followers makes a purchase after clicking your post. In fact, once they click your link, they're attached to your shelter year-round so any item they purchase throughout the year will bring income to your effort. You will be able to login to your shelter account and monitor your donation funds (in real time)

"You can start today if you want".

Please let us know if you have questions. Your supporters and customers will absolutely love these magical, little stones while supporting your effort at the same time!


  • We will setup your shelter account same day you request it
  • You will get a personalized tracking link and/or QR code
  • You can post the link on your website, newsletter, Facebook, Instagram 
  • Your supporters click on your link and place orders 24/7/365 instantly updating your account with the donation fund amount due you.
  • We payout your commission/donations once per month
  • If you need your donations sooner, simple request them and we will send to your within 24 hours.

Thank you!
Team RockaRescue