We are a small manufacturer of home decor items located in Blue Springs, Mo.

At the beginning of 2021, literally on a whim, we decided to try and figure out how to print on natural rock.  We noticed there was nobody on earth offering full color printing onto natural rock and we soon understood why - this wasn't an easy feat.  Due to the irregular shape of each rock and the uneven contour of each rock along with the completely different shapes and angles of each pet photograph, it began to seem like an unsustainable venture.  For the first month, it was taking us a solid hour to get one rock out the door.  By the second month we were down to 40 minutes and third month, 30 minutes per rock.  Since we felt it important to keep the rocks under $30, this made it completely impossible to make a profit.  We almost shelved the project. 

However, by this time we were shipping these amazing little rocks worldwide - (Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom and all over the USA).  We started realizing the impact they were having on customers and realized we need to keep offering them in hopes that we would become more efficient at it.  And we have :)

It's been so rewarding getting feedback of what these simple, little rocks mean to our customers.  The rocks bring so much joy and comfort to each customer, and we hear just how much, 'each and every day'. 

We began to notice that most of our customers were purchasing these for pet photos.  Then it hit us!  We thought, "what a wonderful item for supporting the plight of our wayward pets".  So here we are now - providing something meaningful and truly rewarding for the pets and pet owners of our nation's shelter community.

Fifty percent of our customers purchase these for memorials and the other fifty percent purchase them for... well, simply enjoying their pet life experience.  Customers place their rocks in tier trays, shelves, dashboards, gardens, mantels and some simply carry them in their pockets and rub on them throughout the day. We are truly humbled and blessed to be able to provide such a meaningful item to customers and supporters of the rescue community.

If you are a rescue shelter, We would love to have you in our program and experience the joy it brings by offering these simple little rocks to your supporters.  

Please let us know if you want to be a part of this - we certainly hope you do!  Your supporters and customers will absolutely love these magical, little stones while supporting your effort at the same time!

Thank you for your interest,
The RockaRescue Team